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The Benefits of Good Shoes in Waterdown, ON

Advanced Foot Care And Orthotics in Waterdown, ON, knows how important the right footwear is to your feet. While your choice in shoes may not always correct problems, choosing the proper shoes can go a long way to preventing issues down the line. Poor fitting shoes can aggravate or cause foot pain and other conditions, and if you’re already suffering it may be time to consider custom shoes, which can be specially designed to help ease your pain and treat the underlying conditions. Contact us today to learn more, or read on to learn how to properly select your footwear.

Making Good Choices

Here’s a helpful checklist when purchasing your footwear:

  • Your shoes should be a comfortable fit
  • You should not count on shoes stretching/adjusting with wear
  • Have both feet measured each time you buy shoes, and purchase shoes for the bigger foot
  • Shop in the late afternoon, when feet swell to their largest size
  • Size depends on the shoe’s style, so make your selection based on comfort, not the number
  • Your toes should have enough room to wiggle
  • Your shoe shouldn’t be narrower than your forefoot
  • The instep of the shoe should not gape, and the heel should fit snugly
  • Can’t find shoes that fit? Ask your doctor for advice

Here are some things to look for in your shoe’s construction:

  • Leather shoes mold to your feet and breathes like skin, but for fast-growing kids canvas is fine
  • Insoles should offer cushions to absorb jolts
  • Rigid shanks and arch supports help distribute and support your weight
  • High heels shouldn’t be worn for extended periods
  • Soles should be flexible, strong, and have a good gripping surface
  • Replace athletic shoes as needed when the tread wears down
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