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Examining diabetic foot

Diabetic Foot Care & Biomechanic Assessments in Dundas, ON

At Advanced Foot Care And Orthotics, we’re serious about making sure you get the care you need for your feet, and that’s why we offer house calls to places including Dundas, Burlington, Waterdown and Hamilton. We offer a range of treatments and assessment, including our comprehensive diabetic assessment. We also offer the F-Scan® System for pressure analysis, the latest in foot care technology. With patients ranging from injured athletes to diabetics to the elderly, we see and treat people from all walks of life. Learn more about some of the services we offer below, and then contact us to schedule an appointment.

Assessment & Treatment Services

Our foot care services include:

  • Comprehensive diabetic assessment
  • Treatment for foot ulcers
  • Casts
  • Boots
  • Custom orthotics
  • Orthopedic footwear
  • Treatment for ingrown nails
  • Pressure assessment while walking (to help treat and heal sores)
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Full assessments of nails and skin, as well as heel and arch pain
  • Treatment for diabetic patients with foot ailments
  • Biomechanics and orthotics
  • Heel and arch assessment
  • Video foot strike analysis (taken while patients walk on a treadmill)
  • Pressure mapping (utilizing sensors in the shoe while patient walks)

We are committed to bringing our patients cutting edge treatments and services, and that’s why we’re pleased to offer shock wave therapy. Shock wave therapy uses pneumatic pulses to work your muscles, meaning it requires no medication, no surgery, and is completely painless. Ask today if this therapy is right for you.

Diabetic Feet

We specialize in treatment for our diabetic patients, who must also take extra precautions to ensure the health of their feet. Infections in diabetics can lead to the loss of toes, or even feet, which is why it’s important to check feet regularly for signs of infection, blisters, or discoloration. Patients should wear soft socks and sturdy shoes, and avoid any footwear that could constrict or reduce circulation. If you notice tingling or numbness, or any signs of injury or infection, it’s important to call us right away.

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