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Plantar Faciitis & Pain Treatments in Burlington, ON

Advanced Foot Care And Orthotics, serving Burlington, ON, can help you treat and overcome your heel pain. Heel pain is common to many patients, and can be caused when a patient walks in a way that aggravates the tissue in the heel. But it can also be caused by shoes that fit poorly, physical activity, standing for extensive periods of time, or by being overweight.

You may also be suffering from plantar faciitis, a common problem in those who play sports or engage in strenuous physical activity. Sufferers begin by experiencing dull and intermittent heel pain, which then grows into a sharp and persistent pain. Often it is worse in the morning, or during the beginning of physical activity. The problem can progress rapidly without treatment, and so it’s important to diagnose and deal with it before it becomes a major issue.

Fortunately, we are committed to bringing our patients cutting edge treatments and services for heel pain and other issues, and that’s why we’re pleased to offer shock wave therapy. Shock wave therapy uses pneumatic pulses to work your muscles, meaning it requires no medication, no surgery, and is completely painless. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, just contact us today.

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